WebVZ Features

1. Create containers.

2. Start, Stop, Restart, and Destroy containers.

3. Migrate containers from Host Node to another Host Node.

4. Create and Manage configuration files.

5. Change the configuration of the containers on the fly.

6. Start, Stop, and Restart OpenVZ service.

7. Execute Commands inside the running containers and display the output on the same page.

8. list the stopped containers, the running containers and/or all of them.

9. Assign a name for each container.

10. User Accesss Module.

11. Add/delete multiple IP Addresses

12. Monitor container's resources (user_beancounter) and highlight the over used resource.

13. Assign root password.

13. Enable/Disable booting of the container.

14. Manage Operating System Templates (delete, download and copy).

15. Recreate a customized OS-Template from an existing container.

16. Copy OS-Template from a machine to another.

17. Backup all containers .

18. Backup all client's containers .

19. Backup a specific container .

20. restore containers .

21. Access Control Level .

22. Client can stop, start and restart his/her container.

23. Client can run commands, observe, and monitor the containers .

24. Ownership of containers .

25. admin and client users .

26. Security enforcement on who access what.

27. and many more.

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