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WebVZ latest version is available for download here

WebVZ previous versions are available for download here.

Requirements befor installation

WebVZ needs Ruby on Rails to be installed on the server. Ruby on Rails installation instructions are available here.

After installing Ruby on Rails you need to install SQLITE3 using this command gem install sqlite3-ruby. If you have SQLITE preinstalled on your server skip this step.

After Ruby on Rails installation is done. What left to fire up WebVZ is simple.


1. Extract Webvz.x.x.tar.gz (x.x is the version) to any directory.

2. Run the terminal and change to WebVZ.x.x directory.

3. on the terminal type: ruby script/server

This command will run WEBrick server which is a light server and comes with ROR. By default if you are running this application for the first time on the machine WEBrick will run WebVZ on port 3000. if you want to change the port number it is easy type in the terminal "ruby script/server --port 5678" 5678 can be changed to any number above 1024 which is not used by your server.

4. Fire up Firefox and type "http://ip_address:portnumber" for example if the server has the ip_address and the port number is 3000 then the address is

if you are running webvz on the same machine you can use localhost instead of the ip_address.

Note: WebVZ was developed under Centos 5 environment and tested on Centos 5 and Fedora 8. However, other environments are expected to run WebVZ with no problem on RedHat like distros.

Login information

WebVZ has a precreated administrator user in order to perform all the operations

Username: admin

Password: admin123

After you install and login to WebVZ. It is advised to create a new user and delete the admin user.


There might appear an error when you first start WebVZ which looks like the figure below. The error says that you do not have sqlite3 installed in your machine


To solve the problem you simply execute this command in the shell: gem install sqlite3-ruby

sqlite3 error

Debian Etch

for debian Etch users please read this article

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